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Jude Stivers Headshot.png

Jude Stivers


Jude Stivers is a grounded, passionate, and accepting person. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and animals. He has an undying love for Shakespeare and his plays and strives to find ways to make them accessible to the newest generation of artists.  He is a very hard worker, but also knows how to relax and enjoy his time alone. He works well with others, and often thrives on inspiration from other people. He is somewhat reserved and neutral, giving him a lot of versatility as an actor, able to take on any challenge that is given to him. He is found to be comforting by those around him, someone who you can always talk to. This comes from his southern roots of hospitality, being that he is originally from Kentucky, and also being raised to be kind to others regardless of their relationship to you.  

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