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Darcy Brander Headshot.jpg

Darcy Brander


Darcy is a hardworking and excitable performer graduating with her BFA in Acting and a Minor in Dance. Her passions include acting, of course, along with sewing, painting, film editing, and many more. Darcy has a very large space in her heart reserved for cats and other feline friends. Ask her about TNR and how to help lower the increasing feral and homeless cat population! Overall, Darcy is full of energy and is an incredible addition to any team. Not convinced? Read what these notable sources have to say!


“Brilliant and clever! One to watch out for, for sure.” -Darcy’s mom


“Versatile, can be as sweet as she can be fiery” -Darcy’s brother


“Goofy and warm-hearted, with a side of breathtaking romance...Darcy’s got it all!” -Darcy’s boyfriend

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