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University of Colorado Boulder Showcase 2022

The CU Boulder Senior Showcase is an annual student performance project culminating in a showcase of carefully selected performance material for a variety of theatre, film, and television industry professionals in New York or Los Angeles. Students work individually on crafting a three-minute showcase package that best represents their unique talent and personality. Additionally, students attend various workshops taught by leading experts in the field. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CU's showcase is taking place virtually this year along with having an an-person showcase for local audiences in Boulder, Colorado. The safety of our students, instructors, and guest artists is paramount, and this group demonstrates the resilience, innovation, and dedication that is necessary to succeed under the current circumstances. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, this group has continued to develop their professional skills and will be prepared to face any challenges in the pandemic-era industry.

This project is more than just a showcase of student work - it is an opportunity for students to continue the important process of cultivating professional relationships outside of their university experience, learn about other areas of the industry that seek a performance major's skillset, and gain an understanding of what it really takes to live and work as a professional artist. 

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