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Rodrigo Gallardo-Antunez is an actor, director, writer, & filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. He was born in Mexico City and moved to the United States with his parents and brother at the ripe age of 3 months. His love for storytelling originated with VHS tapes of the musical Cats and James Cameron’s Titanic  that were watched until the tapes gave out. Since then it has been his goal in life to tell stories that make people feel the way he does when witnessing new stories. He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with two degrees, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Bachelors of Science in Advertising. In his time at CU Boulder, he is most proud of directing a stage reading of Hilary Bettis’ 72 Miles to go, a play about a family dealing with the US immigration system.  As a DACA recipient himself, He hopes to help bring light to stories like that in the future in his career.

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